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It was a blessing interviewing the LGBTQIA community for last months' PRIDE 2021! After interviewing people in both Spanish and English, I have found that the latino/a community needs more awareness about the LGBTQIA community. It is very sad listening to some of these people's coming out stories when they reveal the hardship that comes with becoming one's authentic self. The advice I can give to those people is that your internal happiness comes first. Even if it takes moving, or writing in a journal, or finding a new crowd to support you, do what it takes. Once you start to do things for yourself and find that YOU ARE IMPORTANT, you will have energy for others with like-energy.

When internal love is established, others will notice your light and your life's journey can be lived with more intent and purpose. It's ok to pray. Even if you don't believe in prayers, it does not hurt to try. Asking for blessings from the divine helps pave the way to have peaceful realizations and epiphanies.

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