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Hello fellow humans! It has been a long while since I have blogged. I have been up and down and all around and it's really difficult being a one man show, all while juggling a genetic disease and disabilities.

I love blogging, nonetheless. To me it's like writing in a diary, except it's not so private since anyone can read it. Come to think of it, even if I passed away tonight and people read my past writings, it would no longer be private....and even deeper than that, we share our thoughts and feeling with others and even God and our higher self, so in turn, nothing is ever "private". With those thoughts, I can tell you that my new mission is to be on remission. Since the day I was born over42 years ago, my body has not been able to rest or be on remission.

My way of thinking has changed a great deal simply with understanding the science of quantum physics. The understanding of the quantum world, reveals that we live in a vibrational reality. That of which we vibrate at, is what we will attract in life. Like vibrations attract like vibrations; like being on the same channel. You can even google quantum frequencies, or, what frequency does earth vibrate at? You can even YouTube healing frequencies to sleep to. It's endless and so gratifying knowing that a missing piece is now filled with all my many questions about life.

My last instagram was hacked and I cannot get back that account. It frustrated me for a few days, until I realized that it was just the universe guiding me in a different direction. Once I was able to change that thought, I changed the frequency back to JOY, and I was able to rediscover a new route. This new route is making me feel more aligned with my intuition. I have decided to change my Podcast colors from yellow to a baby blue with Flouresent Yellow, PODCAST. I want to keep a high vibration even with colors, because even colors have a frequency. The colors blue and purple are high vibing colors that bring love, joy and angelic feelings. Thanks for all your support love you!

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