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Ground Zero

I say this because I am

at ground zero

what does this mean?

It means a new start. There's so much to look forward to at ground zero, it almost seems impossible to accomplish, yet it's not because it has been accomplished

So much little time it seems at times, but I know I will get there.

Why ground zero?

In order for me to start the build, I needed to get rid of my past. My past meaning, the hips "she" once carried. It took me months to devise a plan that could work for me having disabilities ie: a g-tube, urinary stoma, a movement disorder called generalized dystonia, and a genetic disease. I even contemplated lipo on the hip area because I was working out so hard for about three years with no results.

Finally, after listening to a variety of health podcasts, and learning more about fat breakdown and contemplating my disease and how I have only really had 2 years to work on my body with lower inflammation, it dawned on me how I was going to start my new fitness journey. When I finally realized that I need to create an exercise program for people with movement disorders, my first goal, using myself as the only subject, was to reduce fat in unwanted areas. I needed to keep in mind all of my ailments, my metabolism rate, my sleep patterns and additional supplements. I decided to try calisthenics, less cardio and only using low weights under 8 pounds. Calisthenics for under two months. I also changed my eating habits to intermittent fasting. Basically I would stop eating at 8pm and then eat 12 hours later. I also cut some sugars again.

It took two months before all of a sudden the old fat started shedding off. I also had to take into consideration botox injections in my legs every three months. I have to imagine that if botox is paralyzing some spastic muscles in my legs, they might lose strength, so I have to work on my legs even harder. Even harder for me calls for 1 minute wall sits, 3 times. That's where I am currently with my legs and my upper body is finally taking shape. It's taken calisthenics such as dips, pull ups, pushups and leg lifts. I am also learning how important it is to be durable and flexible. I am learning to have better posture while I exercise, better breathing skills, and making sure I keep my body flexed while I perform the exercise. Pressure under tension.

Now that I am at ground zero, I am at a low weight, not because I wanted to lose weight, I wanted to lose unwanted fat. Now that I have lost unwanted fat, it's time to gain muscle weight. How will I do this? I will increase my time under pressure to 3 minutes. I have started to eat more and stopped the intermittent fasting. Goal is to gain at least 15 pounds of muscle, but if I am blessed with more, then I will take it too. For now, this is an update on my bodily transition from a female to male, 7 years 8 months on testosterone, with disabilities and a genetic disease.

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