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Making Mr. Right Podcast Out NOW!

It's challenging talking about my insecurities and being a new man in this world. This podcast episode 5 is on LOVE. Since I have been single for over 6 years, I explore what it takes to make Mr. Right.

I find it interesting, most people my age with my degree of education, are either married with kids, or divorced with no kids or with kids. They are deep in there career and they seem to be on a different timeline. I see this to be true though, of many people in general. I had to struggle a great deal with my genetic disease, with surgeries and then transitioning from female to male. I have not had the opportunity to thrive until now. I don't know if anybody with a progressive genetic disease can ever fully "thrive", so I am doing my best. Doing my best means being open with myself and truthful with what I go through and what I have been through. I have noticed that the more open I am, the more open others become, thus thwarted toward shining light on one another; that's true human-spirit interaction that I am grateful for. I find myself getting nervous when I am about to expose my truths live on YouTube or live on my podcast, but I inhale loads of light and release it all to you so that we can all grow together. Thank you for listening and reading.

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