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New Episodes Now In Spanish

Last week was the posting of my first Podcast episode in Spanish. I realized when I was exercising listening to Maluma, how much of how I feel and interact with myself daily is based from my experience as being a Latino. I absolutely love all cultures but feel most understood by my culture in many other levels other than one.

I also understood, that because my culture can be behind in alternative thinking, be it because of religion or other reasons, I closed myself off in identifying as a Trans Man LATINO aka LATINX. If it can be challenging coming out in English, what kinds of challenges will I face coming out in Spanish?

I recently set aside those insecurities and realized how much I appreciate all challenges. For it is in challenge, that we discover new ways to navigate. If it's meant to help people, and that's the challenge, then I am no longer challenged by it. Please support the Latino Community with the emergence of my new Spanish Episodes on A Little Less Fear Podcast! A new Spanish Episode every Wednesday!

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