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I have been single since I began my transition over 6 years ago. I began my transition from female to male in May 2014. I have had one sexual encounter but have remained celibate and single. I find that now that I am truly living my life as my whole spirit, I want to do things the "right" way. I mean how many people get to actually start this entire life over? In a sense, we start over everyday, but as far as a clean slate with past pain, I can honestly say that most of my painful past has ceased and that I have a fresh start in my new gender. I am learning who I am everyday, taking it slow, growing, developing and making myself into "Mr. Right". Mr. Right means less insecure attachments, less pain, successful within my internal light and being balanced. We can never be truly ready when that special someone comes along, but our connection will be one of a kind, because I took my time to get to know myself first. Before I commit, and yes I do want to get married one day, I want to be as PRESENT in this life as possible. I have a fantasy that I will "wait to be married", before having sex again, let alone losing my virginity as a man, YES I AM THE REAL, 40- Year Old Virgin! I am not sure if I will wait to be married, but that fantasy is there. I have no interest in "hit it and quit it" relationships. I have no interest in superficial causal sexual encounters. Been there, done that as a female and it only hurt me at the end. I am waiting for that connection; a soulful connection. For all of you who are struggling to find that special someone, being single is the best time to work on yourself. Do not be afraid to grow for YOU. If you learn to love yourself and others, eventually , because of the law of karma, love will come back to you. Keep the faith, equally respect yourself and others. Wishing you all many blessings of love. #love #ftm #karma #respect #growing #virgin #femaletomale #single #blessings #bepresent

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