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The Path of Least Resistance both the answer and not the answer.

I used to ask myself, or, tell myself rather,

that the path of least resistance was not the answer

meaning that if the path is rough, you will not find what you are looking for,

yet many times

it is that rough path that gets to the answer

so then if the answer is one or the other,

the ultimate way of knowing,

is by trusting your intuition

but when is it intuition?

or is it only for survival of this human body?

when is intuition trusting?

-when the alignment is right, I will know 100% for certain. Just as I knew I needed to transition to become whole

that was a 4-sure

that was a "no turning back I am ready-feeling"

that was a definite yes

and a tranquil coming just hinders, that nagging feeling of not really knowing.

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