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Think Like a Monk

I am reading Jay Shetty's new book, Think Like a Monk. I have to say, I am about 45 pages in, and I am ALL IN! Hands down I needed some more monk in my life! So far I am learning and training my mind to have less fear because a lot can be learned from our fears! If we go through our fears, rather than avoiding them, we get to actually experience it and become stronger with a greater understanding. There are cancers of the mind and negativity is at its root; complaining, criticizing, judging, gossiping...anything with a negative force, only creates a cycle and it becomes cyclic negativity. Once you recognize that you are in a negative loop, you can detach from it! Being in a negative loop, is a trap that's not locked in. It just needs to be in our awareness. Once we are aware, we don't have to continue in that loop. The loop started from someone's else's negativity and went spiraling. Negative thinking is in turn a habit than can be overturned. #thinklikeamonk #jayshetty

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