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Three Episodes a Week!

I will be releasing three episodes a week until January. I decided to change my format coming the new year. I will be recording my interviews live to have a more natural flow. After recording, I will post the audio format on all audio platforms including the video on Youtube. Going LIVE, will allow listeners and watchers to engage in chat and feel more like a community. This also ties along with the new community I will be launching on Patreon coming soon. My goal is connection, love and raising vibrations.

I have so much content, and also don't feel it's fair for the guests to wait so long for their episode to air. This also gives the opportunity for followers and subscribers to binge listen/watch the incredible up-coming interviews.

This week I released an episode with author, yoga practitioner, Caribbean SHE_PIRATE, Teza Lord. She has incredible life experience being in her 70's, on life, mediation and spirituality. I received some backlash on TikTok after posting a clip of the interview about her talking about how THC prohibits clear meditation. Somebody commented and said that I need to stay in my own lane because I am distorting the world. At first that comment bothered me, but quickly realized that comment is a low vibrating comment, and clearly, I am in my own lane, aka my own page. Comments like that are meant to teach me of the array of energies that will get disturbed when leveling up. I wish them peace and love.

Tune into the latest episode with Teza Lord here:

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