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About Lino

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Author/Poet/Professor/ Podcaster Producer & Host

Lino Martinez, PsyD, is in the forefront of his life for the first time after surviving a rare genetic disease. He was diagnosed with Muckle Wells Syndrome at age 36 and by then had undergone over 40 surgeries to sustain his life. Lino was also declared female at birth and transitioned from female to male, to better match his authentic energetic self at age 34.


With incredible health experts and a strong will to survive, Lino was able to take his pain and turn it into love. He adopted the motto that suffering doesn't equal pain and he now lives as vibrant as possible, aiming to raise the awareness of living authentically by opening your heart to unconditional love of oneself and others. With a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, he loves teaching, motivating students and motivating the globe through his podcast, A Little Less Fear Podcast. His podcast is devoted to interviewing guests on the topics of Personal Growth, Spirituality, Raising Your Frequency, Self-Love and Connection.


Lino aspires to motivate people through telling his story, sharing his joyful energy, sharing his podcast guest's life stories and writing poetry to help the world be a peaceful, loving place for humanity. Lino truly believes that life's purpose is to follow your joy. With his book, A Little Less Fear, Lino hopes to encourage others to live by his mottos of #lessfear #morelove

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