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These video podcasts are for those needing captions/subtitles, or for those simply just interested in watching the A Little Less Fear podcast, rather than only listening to it. 


Join us as we discuss a wide range of topics such as: sexuality, ASL, relationships, love, divorce, Dharma, meditation, and anything else that people want to discuss. If you have a topic in mind, feel free to message Lino here, or send Lino an email at

Spiritualist Jeremiah Scott Talks About Healing Through Plant Medicine

Spiritualist Jeremiah Scott Talks About Healing Through Plant Medicine

We all have the molecule DMT. It's psychedelic in nature. There are some theories than when we die, we have a natural release of DMT that separates the consciousness from the body. Ayahuasca is plant based, and once it is consumed, it can increase your awareness of true consciousness. This awareness helps many heal their traumas, perceiving you with an altered state of consciousness. Jeremiah Scott | Facebook (8)Jeremiah Scott (@_jeremiahscott_) | TikTok Biography: "Over the last ten years I have been working with various spiritual cultures from around the world in an attempt to discover how ancient ways of living can enhance our modern lives. I have traveled extensively to study and develop my understandings of different spiritual and philosophical ideas. Since 2015 I have studied with shamanic cultures in the Peruvian Amazon, becoming a proficient in plant medicine and psychedelics. This knowledge has recently resulted in my being invited to participate in a study with Johns Hopkins University that will research the spiritual aspects of psilocybin use. I have recently become one of the youngest spiritualists to hold the title of ISM/RAM. This title is awarded by the institute of spiritualist mediums, an important charitable organisation that formed in 1956. Presently only around 25 from around the world hold this title. " #Shaman #spirituality #spiritualawakening #ayahuasca #mentalhealthawareness #awakening #selfawareness #enlightenment