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I have been creating poetry since I was 7 years old. After going to school for many years, completing my doctorate in Clinical Psychology, surviving a rare genetic disease called Muckle Wells Syndrome and over 40 surgeries to save my life, my direction in life has changed. It has brought me back to what I love doing and doing what I love most.


Below are poems that I have written simply inspired by life, because life inspires me to create words in a format only known to my heart.  I am here to create and share the divine wisdom that words bring to the soul. I will create poetry for your blogs, business, posters, website, posts, digital greeting cards and anything else that you need. See below for some of the poetry I have created and visit my Instagram of my most recent video/audio poetry @poetic.alignment. 

Blue Sky And Coconut Tree Thank You Watching YouTube
Las benditas palmas bailan con el aire asi como tomaste mi mano y con tus huellas mi hiciste tuyo (1)
As luscious as the green lands of the earth is as luminous as your smile is to my touch
BlackPink And Blue Neon Welcome To My Channel Youtube Intro
Blue Neon Simple Video YouTube Intro
Mis ojos Se llenan de lagrimas a pensar que nuestro futuro ya llego (1)
Beige Blue Simple Travel Vlog YouTube Intro (1)
Black & Brown Rain Video Relaxation Sleep Music Youtube Intro
Coming Soon Stay Tuned Video
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