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A Journey In Clarity

It's those little moments that sprinkle a bit more awakening, when I discover life's true meaning. Even though I know I had been heading this way, the last few days have been the upmost intake of unconscious downloads manifesting. Today I felt the true connection between my soul's purpose, my consciousness and it's roll with humanity. Such a profound statement can only be felt and I am here to continue to unfold this reality.

I am here to become an optimum human living with an incurable disease that's even atypical of it's rarity. With every new diagnosis, my journey is to be in pain with you. My journey is to be the most compassionate possible so that you know that you are not alone. Love is eternal light and it exists within all of you, even if you don't believe it, especially if you don't believe it.

Most people who would have had this many surgeries, this many diagnoses, this much pain, would have given up and oh trust me it has crossed my mind many times! BUT, for some reason, sometimes within hours, I feel more alive and with more energy to make myself as strong as I possibly can. I think of ways to benefit people and only with a stronger body, can I be of benefit. That can only mean one thing; That I am training my body to be an optimum human, to be able to endure so much pain and more, to relate to the suffering world. For what purpose? To motivate you, because our planet, our humanity, all living beings...need that much and much much more love.


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