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It's Inevitable

It makes me question a lot

thoughts about life

and purpose

and grasping to things that will eventually cease

It makes me question why pain is inevitable?

but how I am not suffering though living in it

However it may be

Those who suffer,

fight with their own mind

it's a battle of not letting go

Letting go does not mean giving up

letting go means setting yourself free

Free from ignorance

Free of chaos

Free from withholding

There seems to be one answer only for this type of debilitation

and it's a universal language,

called LOVE

With love there is no difference, no hate, no discrimination, no limits

Love needs not be heard

Love can be felt

Love is love and there is nothing else in the world that blooms without it

Harmonize your soul to find ease in your life

A balance is ongoing,

but love is eternal

It's inevitable.



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